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A Children’s Dentist Explains What a Pedo-Partial Is


The goal of a children’s dentist is to keep your children’s teeth strong and healthy. Your child should see the dentist as soon as the first tooth comes in. If your child has lost teeth because of decay or an injury, the dentist can do cosmetic repairs. One way that this can be done is through the use of a Pedo-Partial.

About Pedo-Partials

These can be used for replacing missing teeth because of an injury or decay. Pedo-Partials will restore the look of having natural teeth. They can also restore the function and act as a holding space for permanent teeth. This will prevent crowding. The Pedo-Partial is a good appliance for a child who is a model or in a beauty pageant. It is also a good option for children who are going to be in a family picture.

The procedure for a Pedo-Partial

First, the children’s dentist will take an impression of the child’s teeth. Then a lab will create the Pedo-Partial. It will be cemented into the nearby teeth and be a substitute for the missing teeth. It might be necessary for the child to have a space maintainer if the baby tooth is lost. This is even more the case if the tooth was near the back.

The spacer will keep a gap in the mouth until the new tooth can come in. Placing a space maintainer will prevent the nearby teeth from crowding into the area. First, an impression will be taken of the teeth. This can then be sent off to a lab to design the maintainer. It will fit over the nearby teeth and there will be a loop as a holder. As soon as the permanent tooth is visible, the maintainer will be removed.

Making the appliance

This appliance has acrylic teeth and is made with a lingual arch. Each tooth is durable to prevent it from breaking. The lab can make the Pedo-Partial as a lower or upper arch in a color that matches the teeth closely. Some children like to play with the appliance, which is not good for it. The children’s dentist might make extra retention for the appliance using bonded buttons.

The child will need to cooperate when wearing the Pedo-Partial to prevent breakage. If the child has trouble, a fixed one might be needed. There will need to be enough room between the bottom teeth and gums. The child will also need to know how to care for it. That way, bacteria will not build up near the gums.

Visit a children’s dentist for a Pedo-Partial today

If you think that a Pedo-Partial might be right for your child, the first step is to visit a dentist. The Pedo-Partial will resemble the natural baby teeth, so there may be more space between the teeth. Your dentist will meet with your child to determine if getting a partial is a good option. The first step is to make an appointment.

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