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Fluoride Update

The Recommended amount Mention the word fluoride and people instantly think about dentistry and toothpaste. Fluoride has been a big part of public water supplies as ...

City Strolls to Scenic Adventures: Outdoor Activities for the Family

Summer time means the opportunity to break out of the wintertime blues and take an outdoor adventure! Whether you enjoy leisurely park strolls, take city ...

Summertime Thirst Quenchers

We all know how important water is for our health, especially in the summertime when we are at the highest risk for dehydration. But if ...

Some Wisdom About Wisdom Teeth

What are “Wisdom” Teeth? Most of us know a friend or family member, and perhaps even had their own experience with wisdom teeth at some ...

Screening the Sunscreens

Finding the Right Sunscreen for Your Family Sunscreen, sunblock, sun lotion: it all does the same thing, it protects your delicate skin from the sun’s ...

Toothpaste: A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right One

Since children can be picky about tastes and parents selective about what goes into their child’s mouth, choosing a toothpaste can be a daunting task! ...

Summertime Fun Aside From the Sun

Outdoor activities are a given for summer time fun, however, sometimes it just gets too hot to be outside! There is nothing like the cool, ...

Use it, Don’t Lose it!

Ways to Keep Your Children Learning Through the Summer Summer break is an exciting and much needed time for kids to unwind from their academic ...

Wish-Wash: Mouthwash for Kids

Wish-Wash: Mouthwash for Kids We all appreciate having a delightful conversation with someone who has fresh minty breath. After all, no one wants to get a ...

Between the Lines: Flossing for Children

Between the Lines: Flossing for Children Kids aren't usually a fan of sticking things between their teeth that isn't candy or some other sweet treat, ...



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