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Building Family Traditions For Christmas


Family traditions are basically rituals done each year that are passed down generation-to-generation.  They help form a sense of family unity and create happy memories. You may already have Christmas traditions in place for your family, but there is no rule that says you can’t add on and create more! When we are part of a family tradition, we are part of something special.  For example:

Visit a Tree Farm

There are pros and cons to having a real tree in the house, but visiting a tree farm is a fun outing for the whole family, like the pumpkin patch in October.  Even if you decide against purchasing a real tree for Christmas, you can still enjoy other great activities as a family such as sleigh rides and warming up over a cup of hot apple cider.

tree farm

Decorate the Tree Together

Whatever type of tree you decide on, it will be the main attraction in your home for a few weeks and everyone should have a chance to fluff the branches, hang an ornament and toss some tinsel. For the little ones in your family, set aside a space on the lower branches for them to hang non-breakable tree ornaments.


Personalize an Ornament

Personalized ornaments are easy to do and the will last year after year.  Remember to put dates and names on each one.  As the box of ornaments is opened each year, they will trigger memories of the year before. You can create many types of ornaments; using pine cones, popcorn, candy canes, and craft supplies, your family will not only save some money and spend time together, but have fun memories to look back on.

diy ornaments

Bake Cookies with the Kids

Cookie making with my grandmother is a fond memory for me and a tradition that I now pass onto my own children. Young children can do age appropriate tasks like pouring ingredients into a bowl and using a cookie cutters to make fun cookie shapes. Older children can measure both dry and wet ingredients, roll dough and crack eggs. Decorating is something that everyone can do and it is fun to see how each cookie is designed. Sharing your cookies with friends and neighbors is also a wonderful way to give and teach your children about the true joy of the season.


Make a Gingerbread house

Along with baking your cookies, why not make a gingerbread house? These fun crafts usually come in kits you can get at some grocery stores and craft stores as well. Gingerbread homes are fun to personalize and kids can have a tasty treat while they are at it, since everything that goes into it is edible. Some communities and stores even hold competitions that you can enter your gingerbread home into and win a prize!

gingerbread house


Bundling up and going around town singing Christmas carols is a fun family tradition and appreciated by the whole neighborhood, especially those who are elderly.  Don’t worry if you can’t carry a tune, the point is to just have fun!


Christmas Morning Pajamas

Christmas morning is an exciting time for many families, so before going to bed on Christmas Eve allow everyone to open one present and make that gift a pair of brand new PJs!  Not only does it ease the excitement, but everyone will sleep in a nice new outfit and the pictures in the morning will be great!

pjs puppy

New Year’s fondue

No need to limit family traditions to Christmas, you can ring in the New Year with a fondue!  It is fun to make and a memorable tradition that the whole family will look forward to as the New Year approaches.


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