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Immunity: Remember The 4-S’s of Health!

Immunity, we know why we need it The human body has an incredible defense system that works systematically to keep foreign invaders and nasty illnesses at ...

Dental Care for Asthmatic Children

Asthma and What it Means for Oral Health Asthma affects around 1 of 10 children, and those numbers seem to be climbing in recent years. ...

Sunscreen/sunblock: the difference and what you should know for your health

Sunlight is both beneficial and hazardous to our skin. Sunshine aids vitamin D absorption and helps boost and energize your mood! It can also burn ...

Benefits of Using a Mouth Guard and Tips for Choosing the Right One

With summer just about here, your children are likely to be active in sports and other fun activities such as summer camps. It’s easy to ...

Out of Place: Understanding TMJ Disorders

If you or your child have suffered from occasional pain in your jaw joints, such as tightening or a sore sensation when you talk or ...

American Academy of Pediatrics Update

Seasonal Influenza Vaccine This is the time of year when kids start getting sick. With the start of school and the change of climate, parents ...

Screening the Sunscreens

Finding the Right Sunscreen for Your Family Sunscreen, sunblock, sun lotion: it all does the same thing, it protects your delicate skin from the sun’s ...

Swimming and Children’s Safety

Children’s Safety: Swimming There is perhaps no better summertime activity than going swimming.  Whether you frequent a community pool or hit the beach instead, there’s ...



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