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Dentistry with
a Happy Heart

Dentistry for Children in Spokane

We believe in providing the very best dental care for your child
—and we make it fun!


Good dental health habits start with a GREAT trip to the dentist. From the moment you step into our office, your child will be in the best of hands with Dr. Cathy and her highly trained staff.



Helping young patients feel comfortable in a dental office setting prepares them for a lifetime of regular, stress-free dental check-ups.



We love having an office where kids can play. As soon as you walk in our door, we make your child’s appointments fun.



We welcome open dialogue and provide lots of information so you know your child is in skilled and caring hands.



We maintain the highest standards in child and adolescent dental care. Safety is our #1 priority.

We look forward to seeing you!

We’re in it for the smiles

At The Kidds Place, we know that every child is unique and deserves non-judgmental care that brings a smile to their face. That’s why we work exclusively with kids from infancy through young adulthood. 

Our goal is to help your child establish great oral health habits and
a program of preventive dental care early in life.

We make sure that you and your child feel heard and cared for, that you have a wealth of information about their growth and development.  Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions and concerns.

We help smiles last a lifetime.

Our services

Dental Care with Kindness


Our friendly Spokane staff provides a wide array of children’s dental care and procedures in an environment that respects privacy, encourages affection, and promotes health. 

If your child is having a severe or life-threatening dental emergency call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room as soon as possible.

Emergency dentistry

When accidents happen, we provide emergency care to fix chipped and damaged teeth or teeth accidentally lost due to trauma in a soothing atmosphere that eases your child’s anxiety and comforts the whole family.


Preventive Care

Routine check-ups and early education are the keys to lifelong dental health. We’ll help educate you and your child about best practices and how to encourage your child to create healthy dental habits for a lifetime of healthy smiles.


Tooth crowns

Crowns are a stronger alternative to large fillings. Made of different materials depending on your child’s age, crowns renew your child’s tooth for normal shape and function and add longevity to baby teeth.



From small to moderately sized cavities, it is our goal to detect tooth decay as soon as possible. Fillings prevent your child’s cavity from growing any larger and spreading into the root canal and neighboring healthy teeth.



Dental sealants are white coatings matched to your child’s natural tooth color, placed to prevent your child’s back teeth from developing cavities—and to keep them healthy for the lifetime of the tooth.


Sedation dentistry

Your child’s safety and trust is our top priority, so our staff are trained in nitrous oxide sedation to ensure dental procedures are as comfortable and easy as possible. We also offer a certified anesthesia provider in-house for general anesthesia.

Improve your child's feeding, digestion, sleep habits, and more in less than a minute.

Now Offering Treatment for Tongue & Lip-Ties

A tongue-tie or lip-tie hinders your baby's ability to latch and feed from day one. As your child ages, this can lead to:

  • Improper facial development
  • Gag reflux and feeding issues
  • Sleeping and breathing issues
  • Speech delays or impairments
  • Orthodontic problems

Dr. Cathy uses a painless laser to treat this. It takes less than a minute and typically doesn't require anesthesia. There's less bleeding, no trauma, and you can feed your baby before you leave. Ask us if a laser frenectomy is right for your child.


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Spokane WA 99218

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Phone: 509.252.4746
Fax: 509.789.1640

Business Hours

M-W:  7:00am - 3:30pm
Thurs: 7:00am - 1:00pm
Fri: By Appointment Only
- Surgery Days
Sat & Sun: CLOSED


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