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Preventive Care

Preventive dental care for kids

Bright Smiles Start with Healthy Habits


Healthy teeth aren’t just about regular check-ups and repairs…
At The Kidds Place, we care about maintaining your child's current dental health and maintaining optimal oral health for the future.

Education = Prevention


The Kidds Place isn’t your average dental office. It’s a fun, comfortable space where you and your child can learn about preventive care and dental health together — to keep their teeth stronger, longer. 


Informative appointments

Preventive care is about helping you and your child learn the best practices and master the skills of great oral hygiene for avoiding cavities, tooth decay, gingivitis, and other common dental health problems. After all, the best dental care doesn’t happen in our office — it happens in your home!

We believe that education is your best defense. With 30 years of experience, we’re committed to empowering you and your child to keep your child’s teeth looking great with all the information and tools you need for effective, preventive dental care.


Dentistry with a Happy Heart

At The Kidds Place, we love kids — and caring for their teeth is our passion! 

Since every child is different, we know that every child’s needs are different, too. There are many ways to keep your child’s teeth healthy and  strong. Our staff will identify a variety of options to fit your child’s unique lifestyle and needs so we can find the most effective way to prevent potentially damaging dental problems. 

Rest assured that when a dental issue does arise, Dr. Cathy and her highly trained staff will treat your child promptly and with compassion.

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