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Falling for Creativity

Autumn crafts for kids The days of dashing through sprinklers, playing at the park, and in general, spending the majority of your time outdoors are ...

Mind, Body, and Mouth

The Connection Finding the link Often, we hear about the mind, body, and soul connection, or the mind-body connection, but have you heard of the ...

Fall Fluenzas

Enterovirus and preventing illness in your home Fall, one of the more radiantly beautiful seasons of the year, is finally upon us again and as ...

Summer Sizzle

Helpful Tricks for Soothing Sunburns You spent all day at the beach, you wore sunscreen and maybe reapplied it after a few hours, but you’re ...

Fluoride Update

The Recommended amount Mention the word fluoride and people instantly think about dentistry and toothpaste. Fluoride has been a big part of public water supplies as ...



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