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fathers day in Spokane

History of Father’s Day

Spokane is the birthplace of “Father’s Day”, even though the first attempted observance of a day honoring dads occurred in Fairmont, West Virginia, on July ...

New Years Resolutions for the Whole Family

There’s no question - The New year’s resolutions we set for ourselves can be overdone, cliche, and downright unrealistic. Whether it’s gym membership you’re fairly ...

Santa Claus Around the World

The general concept of Christmas is quite universal. It most often has to do with Santa Claus, gift giving, spending time with family and spreading ...

Tips to Keep Kids Safe this Halloween

  Trick or Treat! Halloween is a beloved holiday celebrated by most American children around the country. What kid doesn’t like getting free candy? And ...

Is Your Child Nervous to Go Back to School?

Jitters. Anxiousness. Butterflies. Whatever you or your child calls it, going back to school after a long summer can be scary. Being in a season ...

Where Did the Tooth Fairy Come From?

The typical American childhood can have an element of magic and wonder when the trifecta of all mystical characters come to call: Santa Claus, The ...

Keeping Kids Hydrated this Summer

It’s springtime! As the weather warms up and the weeks pass, your kids might be counting down the days until summer vacation with jittery anticipation. ...

Fun Gardening Ideas for Kids

Spring has sprung! With the long winter behind and warm weather ahead, now is the time kids will start playing outside more and more. Why ...

10 New Years Resolutions for Children that Will Inspire You Too

The phrase “New Year’s Resolutions” around this time of year can be downright cringe-worthy to hear for some of us. Every January 1st comes and ...

Holiday Snacks for Healthy Smiles

Apple cobbler, pumpkin pie, fudge brownies - oh my! ‘Tis the season for incredible sweets and frosted delights. Statistically, the average person gains anywhere from ...



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