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Independence Day Family Celebration Ideas


“Every heart beats true for the red, white, and blue”… may be some of the musical lyrics you hear this 4th of July celebration! Parades, park adventures with the family, camping, picnics, and fireworkds are all part of the celebrations today as we commemorate the 242nd birthday of the United States of America! Join us for some tasty, festive snacks and fun activities for the kids!

Red, White, and Blue “Firework” Pom Poms

Hosting a party or BBQ? These little pom poms are fun, fairly quick, and festive decorations for your porch or dinning area. Here is what you will need!

Tissue paper: red, white and blue of course! Chose white with colored sparkles to create firework-style pom poms

Ribbon or fine string



How to:

  1. Fold tissue paper in half 3 times until you have a rectangle approximately 7 x 10 inches. Cut along the folds until you have 8 pieces. If using a different size tissue paper, simply cut into 7″ x 10″ rectangles. Repeat for each set of tissue paper.
  2. Take two cut sheets of each colour and layer on top of each other: red, white, blue, red, white, blue or sparkly color tissue paper.
  3. Folding horizontally along the short end of the rectangle, create an alternating accordion fold about 1 inch think along the tissue paper sheets. You should be flipping the tissue paper over with each fold to create the accordion fold.
  4. Pinching the folded tissue paper together in the middle, staple once in the center to secure all of the layers in place.
  5. Flip the accordioned tissue paper over, and center the ribbon over the backside of the staple. Staple again to secure the twine or ribbon to your folded tissue paper layers.
  6. Trim each end of your folded pom into an arrow point.
  7. Gently fan out one half of the folded pom, and gently pull each layer of tissue paper away from the centre to fluff. Repeat for all layers of tissue paper on both the top and bottom half of each pom. You should have a cute, round pom once you’re done!
  8. Repeat Steps 1-4 to create the next accordion pom. To make one continuous garland, simply measure the amount of space you would like between poms before directly stapling the folded pom to your twine or ribbon. Repeat Step 6 & 7 to finish each pom. Keep going until your pom pom garland is to your liking!


Hand print Keepsake Fireworks

Hand print artwork is a classic keepsake to look back on as your kids grow up; this little activity is perfect for those parents who enjoy these memorable pieces and ideal for kids who love to get messy with the paint! (water washable paint is the best!)


Red, blue, gold, silver, cardstock/construction paper

White cardstock (2) smaller than color cardstock/paper

Acrylic paint of choice or washable paint

Glitter glue – gold, silver, or multi color

Paint palette (paper plates work well!)

Paint brushes (foam brush and regular paint brush)

Paper cutter or scissors

Glue stick


Wipes for cleaning up!

Festive stickers (optional)

How to:

  1. Gently tape white cardstock (matte side up, shiny side down!) to the table for secure hand printing painting
  2. Apply desired paint color for handprint to a paper plate or paint palette and use the foam brush to apply to your child’s hand, apply a thin coat to prevent globs and reduce smearing.
  3. Gently press their hand down on the card stock. Encourage them to hold still by gently tickling their palm before pressing down to stimulate a spread reflex (works well for young babies and toddlers). As they press down, run your fingers across the tops of their fingers to encourage the same reflex.
  4. Pull their hand straight up and either wash at the sink or wipe away the paint
  5. Next, on seperate piece of cardstock, add detail of fireworks with regular paint brush or help guide your child’s little fingers to make strokes of paint. Use multiple colors of choice and start with an “X” shape, adding strokes all around between.Use glitter glue to add some sparkle streaks for a firework resemblance.
  6. When the handprint dries, cut out along the edges and glue to the middle of the cardstock with the firework detail. Or, attach handprint to still wet glue of firework detail.
  7. Cut cardstock to fit inside color paper, using the color paper as a frame.
  8. Don’t forget to write the name and date at the bottom!
  9. Add festive stickers or glitter glue to the border of your frame if desired.


Fruit Kabobs

Fruit is in season and often on sale this time of year. It is well-known as nature’s candy and kids are commonly fans, so pick out their favorites and make some tasty snacks…think red, white, and blue!

Yummy options:






Red grapes


Rice krispie treats

Angle food cake cut into squares or rounds (cookie cuters!)


Kabob sticks/skewers

How to:

  1. Fairly simple, prepare your fruits and foods of choice. Wash berries and cut Strawberry tops, slice bananas, cube watermelon and Krispy treats and cake bits to desired bite size.
  2. Place your choices on a plate or in cups and let the kids pick and stick!

We hope you all enjoy a memorable and safe Independence Day this year with family and friend! Make some of these fun craft and snack ideas part of your celebrations and keep those smiles bright!


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