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Life Lessons Learned from Littles

smiling children

Saying “please” and “thank you” are important life lessons we are taught at a young age by our parents, but have you ever considered that children are in the world, because adults have so much to learn also.  Adults may believe that because they have lived longer years that they are experts in all of life’s matters.  That is not the whole truth, because if we keep our eyes and hearts open, many of the greatest of life’s lessons come from the little ones in our lives.  Remember, a teacher learns a lot from their students.

The first thing we need to remember is that life is a process.  Today’s failures mean growth for tomorrow. So, don’t quit, embrace failure, learn from your mistakes, and keep trying.

Other lessons we learn from children include, but are certainly no limited to:

  1. smiling childAlways act with compassion.  The best way to reinforce this lesson is to watch children interact with an injured animal.
  2. Embrace Uniqueness.  Children do not know the concept of judging others or being judged.  They live life to the fullest, and walk to the rhythm of their own drum beat.  They know what they like and what makes them happy, and they go for it, without fear of embarrassment or judgement.  Individuals, who live within the confines of society’s definition of normal, rarely find their true pleasure in life.
  3. Smile.  Smiling is a free and powerful tool, and is also known as, “Mouth Yoga”.  Smiling is an instant mood booster, and children know how to use this valuable tool often.  Nothing is more delightful than the sound of children laughing.
  4. Live in Wonderment.  As adults, often this lesson becomes clouded and jaded, and we may lose our sense of wonderment.  The world is full of wonder, and we can easily learn this lesson from children under 2 years of age, if we learn to view the current world through their eyes.
  5. Live in the here and now.  Many adults look in the past with regretful thoughts, as they plan for the future, but rarely do adults stop and simply enjoy the present.  Children live mostly in the present, due to the fact that they do not have many past experiences, and they don’t really have a concept of the future.  Perhaps it is for this reason that children are happier than adults.  Cherish the current moments of life and always live in the present moment, as this is where you will find the opportunities to have fun, experience beauty, or try something new.
  6. Think outside the box.  Many children use a box to create forts and castles, and immerse themselves into the world of fantasy.  As we can see, thinking outside the box (or even using a box) expands our thought process.  We can form new ideas and see things from a new perspective.
  7. Be flexible.  Plans change, and being adaptable in a creative manner is a great lesson to be carried far into adulthood.  It is okay to have ice cream for dinner, on occasion.
  8. Keep up in our every changing world.  Children instinctively understand this, as they are always learning, and many adults understand this also, as their children can work electronic devices better than they do.
  9. There is always time for snuggling.  No matter how busy your day becomes, children are always ready for hugs and kisses.  This is a great lesson for adults to practice on a regular basis.

Love is a language.  Love is not defined by one word or one act.  It is a language to be understood.  Love means one thing to you and another thing to me.  Words of affirmation, quality time, acts of kindness, and affection are a few languages of love.  Learn to speak the love language of your children and those closest to you, and watch love blossom like a prefect rose.



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