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What Can I Do About White Spots on My Child’s Teeth–Or My Own?


When the braces come off, there’s usually a huge squeal of joy or a big sigh of relief. But for many patients, there’s a lingering issue: the white spots on the teeth that often show up after braces are removed.

White spots on the teeth happen for a range of reasons but they’re usually the result of bacteria removing important minerals from the teeth, and they’re most common after orthodontic treatment. These spots also mean that the enamel has started to decay, so they’re a warning flag that a cavity could be forming. The good news is there’s a fantastic new technology that allows us to treat white spots and early cavities without a needle or a drill.

What Causes White Spots On Teeth?

Most white spots happen when bacteria saps the teeth of important minerals like calcium and phosphorous. This demineralization is an early sign of decay and is most often related to orthodontic work. However, these spots can also be caused by certain acidic foods or the erosion of enamel by acid reflux. In some cases, white spots can also be caused by excessive fluoride in drinking water, but this involves a different chemical process and treatment and is not a sign of decay.

The upside of those demineralized white spots is that they show your dentist early cavities. These can now be treated with a new non-invasive procedure that doesn’t involve drilling or traditional fillings.

How Does My Pediatric Dentist Treat White Spots?

The Kidds Place uses an exciting new system to stop early cavities and remove white spots. The patented Icon system uses a technique called resin infiltration to stop decay in its tracks and get rid of those embarrassing white spots.

The Icon treatment involves three simple steps and no drilling or needles. First, your dentist will remove the thin layer of enamel covering the white spot with a mild acid solution. Next, she’ll use a special procedure to dry the spot. Finally, she’ll fill the spot with Icon’s unique resin. It’s specially designed to penetrate all of the porous spots in the tooth that result from demineralization. The Icon resin prevents the progress of cavities when caught in the early stages and is a relatively low cost and minimally invasive solution.

White Spots and Braces

When our patients young and old first get those braces off, it’s always a happy day. But so often, patients are left to deal with the white spots that remain when the braces come off. Bacteria tends to accumulate on the teeth around the brackets. That’s why we strongly recommend solid routine care for our orthodontic patients, including brushing, flossing and using a fluoride rinse. We also recommend that all patients and orthodontic patients in particular cut down on or eliminate sodas, sour candies, gummy candies and other foods that can damage enamel and let those mineral-sapping bacteria thrive. However, in some cases, those white spots show up even in patients who have been conscientious about maintenance. Resin infiltration is especially effective at treating the white spots that often occur after orthodontic treatment so we encourage patients to talk with our providers about this option.

Does The Kidds Place Treat Adults Too?

We love it when parents of our young orthodontic patients see the great care their children are receiving and decide it’s time to address their sometimes long-neglected orthodontic needs. We regularly provide orthodontic care to adults. We also offer Icon resin infiltration system for both children and adults, including patients who get their orthodontic care from another practice. Whether you’re young or old, an existing or new patient, if white spots are a concern, we invite you to get in touch with our office about the amazing results we’re achieving with the Icon system.

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