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What You Need to Know About Lip Tie Laser Surgery


For many mothers, lip tie laser surgery is a significant blessing. This procedure not only helps suffering babies, but it can benefit you as well. If you are a feeding mother and your child is having trouble eating, the lip could be to blame. A quick procedure can solve the issue and relieve your precious one and you.

The condition

For most people, freely moving the lips is not a difficult activity. Unfortunately, some babies are born with an issue called lip tie. This occurs when the tissue under the lip is too short or tight. The tissue, called a frenum, connects to the upper gum. However, with a lip tie, it restricts lip movement. People of all ages can have this condition, though many parents choose to fix it when the child is very young.

The effects

A parent may decide to do a lip tie laser surgery for a child for a few reasons. Primarily, this issue can make it difficult for the baby to feed. Because the child cannot freely move the lips, it can be hard to latch onto the nipple and get proper suction. When the baby is not unable to eat effectively, they will not get enough nourishment. This affects the baby’s health and may also disrupt sleeping patterns. The mother’s breasts may become engorged or infected as well.

Lip tie laser surgery is fast

Many doctors and dentists recommend that babies get the surgery before leaving the hospital after birth. However, even older children can have the operation. The process is quick. Ordinarily, it should not take more than five or 10 minutes to cut the frenum and improve lip movement.

The laser helps with accuracy

Some lip tie operations use scissors or similar tools to remove the frenum. Many dentists prefer to use a laser instead. This approach allows for more precision, helping the dentist and parent to feel good about the results and effectiveness.

The surgery is virtually painless

No medical or dental operation is free of risks. However, lip tie laser surgery should not cause much pain at all for young patients. There is very little bleeding with the procedure, so the dentist will not need to use stitches. Also, the dentist will not have to use a local anesthetic in the process. This is helpful for babies or children who may have drug allergies. Mothers like the operation, too, because the child should be able to feed immediately afterward. If there are no improvements to feeding, the mother should contact the dentist right away to evaluate the child.

Improve your baby’s health

It may surprise you how significant something as small as a piece of tissue under the lip can be. If your baby is struggling to eat well, the frenum could be the culprit. Have your dentist look at your baby. If the dentist diagnoses your little one with a lip tie, the lip tie laser surgery could be the right approach to helping your baby.

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