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Christmas Games That Don’t Involve Technology


Nativity_tree2011Unplug the iPods and turn off the iPads, because it’s Christmas and this means it’s to spend quality time with family and friends and create memories that will last a lifetime. Below we have outlines some fun games for the whole family that do not involve the use of technology.

Christmas Stocking Guessing Game

Fill a stocking with a collection of small items and pass the stocking around in a circle, letting each person guess what is inside. They may shake the stocking, smell it, or simply feel the shape of what is inside. Fill the stocking with simple party favors that the children can keep (if they guess correctly), such as crayons, Christmas candy, oranges, a pack of cards, and other things that members of your family would like.

The ABC’s of Christmas

Give each person a piece of paper or 3×5 card with a few letters of the alphabet on it. Split the letters according to how many members participating, each person could get more than a few. They can come up with a holiday- related word for each letter. You may want to set the children up to work in teams depending on their age. The first team to complete their list wins a prize. Some of the words they come up with may seem like a bit of a stretch, but it can be fun!

Snowball Race

For this game, you will need either a styrofoam ball or a ball of white yarn and some spoons. Try carrying the object of choice on the spoon across the room without dropping it.  This is a great game for large families as it is more fun when there are teams.

Pass the Parcel

The first thing that needs to be done is to wrap, wrap, wrap (and wrap again and again) a small gift.  There is no reason to spend a lot of money, use newspaper, brown bags, or even leftover wrapping paper. Similar to musical chairs, music will indicate when a player needs to pass the parcel to the next player. When the song ends, the player holding the parcel will unwrap only one layer of paper and the game will continue “in reverse” until the last wrapping is removed. The last player with wrapping wins!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

This is an easy game that is fun for all ages.  The host, whether mom or dad, needs to decide on the items that are to be found and take a picture of each item so that the hunters will know what they are looking for and set them loose!  The first one to bring all of the items on the list wins! Use the whole house or just one room, the choice is yours!

Christmas Trivia

Christmas comes with much tradition and history, so let’s test your knowledge with a little holiday trivia. The questions can range from general to specific questions relating to Christmas movies, Baby Jesus and even trivia about Christmas Trees, traditions, and history. Make a dedicated time where everyone is relaxed, settled with a cup of chocolate and ready to play some trivia.

The important thing to remember is to do something fun and memorable as a family!


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